About me

Terry Jeffs writes his thoughts and opinions on the world of video games and strongly defends the ending of Lost.

Stealing cars. Saving Princesses. Master Swords. Blue shells. Hadoukens.

Hi, I’m Terry, I’m 33 and I live with my wife and our two boys in the middle of the Suffolk countryside. Along with spending time with my family, eating good food and drinking bourbon, there’s one thing that I love – Games.

Underwater cities. Gun blades. Falling blocks. Raiding Tombs. Crowbars.

I created Giant Pixel Squid as a place where I can document and share my experiences with this incredible medium, the games that I play, and how they have defined me as a person.

Anti-gravity races. Holy hand grenades. Spartans. Spin attacks. Cowboys. Sneaking missions.

Follow me on my journey as I retrace game history, collecting and playing games from classics to the obscure and work my way through my ever-growing backlog.

Norse Gods. Defending payloads. Rescuing hostages. Assassins. Templars. Chocobos.

As a dad I enjoy sharing my passion for gaming with my children, capturing their moments of joy as they discover the world that I once had all those years ago. I hope through games that I can also help my youngest son who is autistic to overcome some of the challenges he faces, and in doing so, connect with other parents who may be sharing similar experiences.

Vampire castles. Gold Saucers. Chaos emeralds. Pocket Monsters. Speeding Taxis.

If you find something within this blog that you connect with, can relate to, or even may disagree with, please leave a comment or get in touch. If there’s one thing I love as much as playing games, it’s discussing them.

Coastal drives. Skateboards. Spray cans. Precursor orbs. Sackboys. Capturing flags.

So come and join me on this crazy journey that is my life in all its pixels and polygons.

Golden coins. Portal devices. Tiny toy cars. Outworld tournaments. Top corner stunners.

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